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Experienced and skilled Art Director and Art Creative.
Strengthen and equipped with extensive range of machinery from design, printing, to finishing process.

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Graphic Design

Our design can make a great first impression on clients, vendors and other entities. Our design also adds to the level of perceived professional of your business. Read more to find excitement.Read More..

Digital & Offset Printing

Our printers are capable of printing hundreds of thousands of high-quality color catalogs, with a quick turnaround, and cover all of your marketing needs, brochures, data sheets, Read More..

Finishing Process

As soon as your print is off the press, our print finishing team is always at the ready with our expertise and finishing touch. We believe that our finishing touches are .. Read More..

About Aksara Buana Design & Printing

Aksara Buana Printing, a design and general printing company, was established in 1980 in Jakarta, Indonesia. As Aksara Buana Printing continues to grow, we have strengthen and equipped our production line with extensive range of machinery from design, printing, to finishing process. We support our Clients on their marketing communication needs applied on design, printing, merchandising and multimedia products.


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Business Card Holder

Organize your business cards and make sure yours are in perfect condition when you hand them out by saving them in a business card holder. View Now

Paper Bag

We use the latest technology and fine quality colors, dyes and the latest machinery which ensure the high quality printing of Paper Bag. View Now

Company Profile

You will find a wide variety of Company Profile created through design contest on Aksara Buana. View Now

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